Game Reviews

My reviews focus solely on independent card and board games. By “independent” I am referring to games that are exclusively sold on the Game Crafter, games manufactured by hand and sold to the public directly from the independent publisher, or print-and-play games. There are already a bazillion board game reviewers out there covering the majority of the market. I want to focus on less known titles as a way to put a spotlight on the small publisher/designer.

My reviews are honest and unbiased as I personally purchase the vast majority of these titles myself. Not every game is for everyone, so I will attempt to highlight both the good and the bad found in each title using a 0-10 scale system, with 10 being a perfect score. The categories examined for each game include Mechanics/Gameplay, Theme/Setting, and Entertainment/Value. Each category will be ranked 0-10 and the average of the three categories will garner a final score.


In this section I will examine the mechanics of the design and discuss my thoughts on how well they work together as a whole. I will also look at length of play and the overall cohesiveness of the design.


For me theme and setting are separate. A setting is a place where the game takes place. Often a setting is tacked on a game to help players connect with the mechanics. Theme is how well those mechanics connect to the setting. Are your choices and the actions you take in the game connected to the setting in a tangible way? If so, the game has a good theme.


Did I enjoy my time with the game? This is the more subjective section of the review. I will be asking myself if the game was fun, if it wore out its welcome, and does it have any replay value. I will also look at the component quality and the asking price for the game and deciding if the game is worth the investment.





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