About Us

picIndie Conquest is a site I built to help independent board game designers realize their dreams of producing quality products. My aim is to create a library of illustrations that designers can use to construct everything from prototypes to full retail games. All assets are commercial use friendly. My only request is that you give me, Jason Glover, credit as an illustrator.  In addition to art assets you will find a page with links to many other useful sites for designers and publishers alike.

There will be two forms of illustrations on the site available to designers.

Free Packs

The first are free black and white files. These will be released periodically in packs of 12 PNG images. All images will measure 700×700 pixels at 300 dpi (roughly 2 3/8″ x 2 3/8″). This makes them perfect for use on standard poker or bridge-sized cards. Of course you may use them as you see fit.

Premium Packs

Another option for designers will be the Premium Packs. These packs will include images of the same size and format of the free packs, but will either be in full-color or will be of much greater detail. These packs will have a one time purchase price of just $9.99 and will include 12 files as well.

Go Forth and Create!

No matter if your project is a board game, a tabletop RPG, or perhaps a novel, art can have a huge impact and I truly hope that Indie Conquest is able to make attaining solid art assets both easy and affordable. Now go forth and create!

inktober 25 pics


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