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picThe Indie Conquest Podcast has one, and only one, purpose. That is to inspire others to create. Since a very young age I have been either drawing comics, creating card and board games, or writing. We are all meant to create and the focus of this show is for others, and myself, to design and create board games that we can all be proud of.

My background in the gaming industry is rooted in the early days of Kickstarter where I launched my first project back in 2012. That was for a simple trick-taking game entitled Plague. I would go on to successfully launch twelve Kickstarters and bring in a total of over $3ook in funding. This sounds successful, but in reality it was more of an experience than anything. I learned a lot and often those lessons were learned the hard way. So part of this podcast will look at those lessons learned.

As a creative person I also want to focus on design concepts, mechanics, and artwork. I did the majority of my own illustrations, so I have some insight there. I also have hired artists as well. I am sort of a jack-of-all-trades, but master of none.

Each episode is broken up into four distinct segments. Each segment is about 5 minutes long, making the podcast roughly 20 minutes in length. Here is a breakdown of each segment.

1) Indie News –  The function of this segment is to spotlight new games that may be on Kickstarter, or being released directly to the public by Indie Publishers. I also keep a keen eye on new releases on the Game Crafter, which is home to numerous hidden gems. I try to release news on other things I think may be useful to fellow designers and small publishers as well.

2) Topical – In this segment I focus on a single topic. These range from design,  mechanics, art, theme, fulfillment, manufacturing, marketing, and many more. I love connecting with listeners to get ideas for future topics. If I cannot address a topic, I may bring in a guest to help answer those questions.

3) Creative – I wanted a segment where we can get creative together. I stole an idea from Jason Tagmire’s Podcast Design Diary, where he takes a random word and tries to build a game idea from there. I was a guest on that show and loved the experience. I have put a twist on it however. I end the segment with the new word for the next podcast. I urge listeners to write in their own journals, like I do, and see what you come up with. We can discuss your ideas on social media. On the podcast I  talk about what concepts I came up with. It is fun to see where the mind goes.

4) Game Review – In the final segment I review a board game. I do not review the new hotness, as there are plenty of folks out there doing that. Instead, I try to put a spotlight on small and more obscure titles that I personal like for one reason or another. I will not post negative reviews. I have nothing to prove and simply want to showcase lesser known games from either small publishers, self-published games, free print and plays, or one-man operations. All games that I review I purchase with my own money for a couple of reasons. It shows my intent is real and honest, and I also like to reward other’s hard work with my money. So do not send me games. Send me a link and I will check it out. So if I do a review of a game, it means I honestly like it.

So that is the Indie Conquest Podcast. Make sure to subscribe to our Podcast here and spread the word.



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