About Us

What is Indie Conquest?

Indie Conquest is a group of designers and publishers that meet bi-monthly to test board and card game designs. We meet in Naperville Illinois every other month to playtest our newest designs and refine our older projects as well.

Who is in this group?

The group mostly consists of designers and publishers, but playtesters are welcome. Let us know if you are interested in any case.

How big is the Group?

Or current location allows for about 15-20 people to game.

What is Kickstarter Conquest?

Kickstarter Conquest is one of my (Jason Glover) ways of giving back to the community. It is basically my blog where I discuss what I have learned from running 9 successful Kickstarters that have raised near $250,000. I am by no means an expert (I am also not a great writer), but I try to convey the simple lessons I have learned (sometimes the hard way) so that others may pick up a few tricks.



Jason GloverGrey Gnome Games Inc & Designer

Chris LederCalliope Games & Designer

Jonathan GilmourInfectious Play & Designer

Ben PierroArgyle Games  & Designer

David Sheppard – Designer Twitch Factory 

Andy Clark – Designer

JT SmithThe Game Crafter & Designer

Dustin Oakley – Designer 800 Steps

David Taylor – Designer & Reviewer at To The Table Reviews

Joel Hobbs – Designer

George Jaros – Designer GJJGames




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