Dungeon Hero

91065106_2766221140098023_5453096521467691008_oDungeon Hero is a great little print and play game that I wanted to shine a little light on. The mechanics are quite simple and the game plays in about 20 minutes. You cna download the files at the link below. Also you will find the play through video which does a better gone of explaining the rules that I ever could.

Essentially you create a character with 8 traits that you can pick however you wish. These could be powerful items you are taking with you, natural traits like being cunning or dexterous, or perhaps you learned how to cook or hunt growing up. Once these are selected you start adventuring.

You roll a single 6-sided die to progress the story, which beings you up against new obstacles and encounters. You have to stop at certain plot points to read a small narrative which pushed the story along. Most of the story is being provoked however with your own imagination. I plan on writing up a full review after a few more plays, but so far I am having fun with it and wanted to share it with others.

Dungeon Hero is also a “pay what you want” product, meaning you can get it for free, but I urge you to tip the designer for their time and efforts. The base rules fit on one folded sheet and each adventure fits on an additional sheet, making it quite printer-friendly.

I like the game so much that I made a nice new character sheet that allows you to log your quests as you progress through the game. Feel free to download that as well.


You can download my sweet character sheet right here >> CharacterSheetsDH


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