Welcome to Indie Conquest

IC-renderWelcome to Indie Conquest. We are a group of board game designers and publishers who gather together to playtest our designs. Indie Conquest is meant to be a small intimate gathering of friends with two purposes in mind. To help each other and to have fun. Once everyone has had a chance to test the games they brought with them, then we can break out some mainstream games! Sometimes we just cannot make it to a Protospiel and sometimes we can and simply want more. Indie Conquest is meant to meet those needs. It is also a great way to build relationships and friendships!

Meetups will commend every other month starting on Sunday January 24th at 9am. Meetups will be in Naperville, IL.

If you are interested in joining this group please contact me on Facebook at the link below.

We are also open to folks who simply want to playtest some new games. You do not have to be a game designer to be a good playtester, so we would love to have you!


Here are a few pictures from a playtest event I hosted last year. This is the location we will use. We have three fold out tables and one large conference table. We also have a kitchen with a fridge that I will stock with soda. At some point we may need to chip in for drinks and snacks. I can cover those costs for the first two meetups.





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