Free Pack 3 has been Released!

Merry Christmas! A little present from me to all of you. Free Pack 3 is now available for download. Check out our Art Assets page for the link!

FP3 Preivew


Inspiration from the Year 1616

Completed another illustration for Indie Conquest’s Free Pack 3. These two barbarians are inspired by Philip Kluverin’s 1616 engraving entitled German Warriors. I re-positioned them to create a different, and hopefully more appealing and dynamic, composition. I also modernized them a bit as well. Thoughts?

Barbarian-Web-1 Day30

Free Pack 3 is Coming Along Nicely

A little sneak peek at Free Pack #3. This one will have a nice mix of free black and white illustrations. I have two more illustrations in the works, but would love some ideas from all of you? Please post some ideas below.


Welcome to Indie Conquest

picIndie Conquest is a site designed for independent creators. I have been a board game designer, illustrator, and self-publisher for almost 7 years and I have quite a bit of experience with Kickstarter having run 12 successful campaigns, raising over $350k during that run. For the past 18 months I have taken a step back from publishing and have focused my time more on the design end, where my passion truly resides. It is in this new venture that I have been pulled to give back to the community that I love so much. Thus, I have created Indie Conquest as a way to pay forward with some of my talents.

I thought it would be a fantastic idea to create a site that gives designers a way to obtain some art assets either for free or at a reasonable price. At the time of the launch of this site I have two Free Packs that each have 12 black and white images that are free and can be used for commercial projects.


It does not matter if you are creating a board or card game, a tabletop RPG, or even a book, these assets are for you to use. In the future I plan on releasing colored and more detailed images for a small fee for those that want to up the look a bit, but I will continually add to the free assets library.

The only requirement for using these assets is that you cite me, Jason Glover, as an illustrator in your credits. Now get out there and make some stuff!

inktober 25 pics